Midea 1.8 Cu.Ft. Personal Refrigerator (Class A)

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This compact Midea refrigerator makes storing snacks, drinks and perishables a breeze with its convenient removable storage basket and built-in rollers for easy movement. Its durable inner walls keep everything fresh and cool, while its energy efficient Class A rating helps save on energy costs.

Product Description: Midea 1.8 Cu.Ft. Personal Refrigerator (Class A)
Material Code: 2001001373

1000016176 |MK CLASS A SKU: 2001001373

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  • Removable Storage Basket
  • Built-in Rollers
  • Durable Inner Walls

Rated Power: 78W

Unit Dimension: W472 x D450 x H492mm

Midea Refrigerator Items

  • Class A Warranty Policy

    1. Class A units are sold on an “As is, where is” basis, which may or may not have the following: panel discoloration, dents, scratches and other aesthetic issues.
    2. All items are quality inspected before dispatch. Returns will only be allowed if the unit is proven defective by our authorized service center. Qualified returns can be processed within 7 days from date of receipt.
    3. Warranty provisions:
      1. Parts and Labor – 6 months
    4. Warranty exclusions:
      1. Class A items are not covered by warranty on plastic parts and other aesthetic issues
      2. Unit must be serviced only by an authorized service center. Otherwise, the warranty shall be void.
      3. No return unless unit is proven defective by our authorized service center. See refund and return policy for more info.