Please follow our guidelines for a successful transaction at our warehouse:

  1. A dress code is in place for entering our premises. Customers must wear pants, a shirt with sleeves, and closed-toe shoes. (No sleeveless shirts for males and no shorts for females.)
  2. Wearing of face mask is advised but not mandatory.
  3. Present your identification card to the guard on duty and inform them that you are there to pick up your Mang Kosme order/s.
  4. If you're conducting the transaction on behalf of a customer, present your Letter of Authorization along with your identification card (ID). Failure to comply with this requirement gives Mang Kosme the right to withhold product claiming privileges.
  5. Wait for our warehouse staff to load your order/s into your vehicle.
  6. Once your transaction is complete, please return to your vehicle immediately. Loitering is not allowed.