Condura 60 CM, 4Z Ceramic Mid. Free Standing Cooker (Class A)

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This Condura Free Standing Cooker offers a sleek modern design. Its 4 ceramic zones and 10-function oven provide the convenience of cooking multiple dishes simultaneously and faster. The convection oven circulates hot air, enabling accelerated cooking results while the thermostat provides more precise temperature control. For bigger chunks of meats, a rotisserie function is also included for improved roasting and grilling results.

Product Description: Condura 60 CM, 4Z Ceramic Mid. Free Standing Cooker (Class A)
Material Code: 2001001868
Model: CFC604CM


1000016176 |MK CLASS A SKU: 2001001868

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  • 4 ceramic zones Sleek modern design. Allows you to cook multiple dishes at the same time
    • Saves time, you can serve meals to your family faster
  • 10-function oven Full function oven allows you to cook various types of dishes and desserts
    • Enhanced cooking results
  • Convection oven Hot air inside the oven is circulated by a fan.It accelerates the cooking process.
    • Faster and enhanced cooking results
  • Thermostat More accurate temperature control
    • Enhanced baking and roasting results
  • Rotisserie More even roasting or grilling of bigger chunks of meat
    • Enhanced cooking results

Material Code: 2001001868
Model No: CFC604CM

Size: 60 CM
Color: Stainless Steel 
Oven Capacity: 67 Liters
Product Weight: 55 Kg
Product Weight Gross(w/ package): 58.5 Kg
Wattage: 9,000 Watts (Hob: 6,000 Watts ; Oven: 3,000 Watts)
Plug Type Direct Installation to Power Cable
Unit Dimension WDH (mm) 600 x 600 x 850
Electric Ignition: Yes
Oven Lamp: Yes

Note: Power installation will be provided by CDI Technical Service.

Bodega Sale Condura Electric Free Standing Cooker

  • All units are Class A with good carton box and good unit
  • No Return unless unit is proven defective by our authorized service center. For qualified returns, you have 7 days to return an item from the date you received it.
  • 2-Years Warranty on System Parts and Labor
  • No warranty On Knobs, Hinges ,Power Cords and other consumable items