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What are The Differences between Mang Kosme’s Premium, Class A and Class B products?

Mang Kosme Editorial Team

Are you currently scrolling through Mang Kosme’s online marketplace, hoping to get ahold of your dream appliances? Well, you’re in the right place!

Mang Kosme is your one-stop home appliances warehouse sale store, it houses wide range of items such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen gadgets, and many more—you name it. And you know what’s even more enticing? Our selection features trusted, reputable brands, namely Carrier, Condura, Kelvinator, Midea, and Toshiba, so good luck because we’re pretty sure you’d want to bring them all home.

On a quite serious note, you might encounter terms like Class A or Class B categories while browsing through our store. To provide you with a much clearer picture of what they mean, continue reading because we’ve listed down everything that you should know and how they differ from each other:


When talking about premium products, these are state-of-the-art appliances that have superior quality and are the latest in the market. Essentially, it's like having access to high-end mall products at Mang Kosme, but with the added advantage of lower prices compared to other retailers. If you’re someone who’s always on the lookout for the latest innovations, be sure to check out our Hottest Pasabog collection, which will definitely make you drop some money for good reason.


Class A products are brand-new, premium appliances that are also sold in prominent mall establishments and other retailers. Now, how does it differ from our “Premium” products? The only difference is that their boxes may or may not have minor dents. Otherwise, these items fully adhere to rigorous quality control measures and uphold the highest selling standards within the industry. If you are drawn to the latest technologies that are on the rise today, these appliances will definitely make your home aspirations a reality.


In Mang Kosme’s world of dictionaries, ‘Class B’ represents the Class of the Best Deals! Why are we naming it as such? For one, these appliances are brand new, authentic, and super affordable units that may or may not have minor aesthetic imperfections. If you’re quick to check out, you might even stumble upon newly released units in this category. If not, you’re probably the fated, rightful owner of our previously released units that have remained unused and are now poised to make a difference in your home.

In addition to this, you might also come across products under the B2 classification. This simply indicates that the appliance has undergone a few alterations or refinements. In such cases, Mang Kosme will promptly take action within a month to get your product fixed. Following that, the appliance will undergo a strict quality inspection to ensure that it meets the required standard within the market.

For a more comprehensive description of Class A and Class B products, refer to the chart below:

PACKAGING Pristine condition with no damage Includes the original box, which may or may not have a minor dent May or may not include the original box May or may not include the original box
AESTHETICS Pristine condition with no damage Pristine condition with no damage May or may not have minor dents or scratches May or may not have minor dents or scratches
COMPONENTS No refinements or alterations No refinements or alterations No refinements or alterations May have undergone alterations or refinements
MODELS Features the latest units Features the latest units Includes both older and newer units Includes both older and newer units

Believe it or not, whichever category you choose, your investment will be worth it! If you wish to know the warranty policies for these products, click here for a detailed explanation.

Now, are you ready to make a worthy investment? Head on over to and find the appliances that will complete your dream home.